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Beer, wine, cocktails, liquor: we drink during dinner, a pleasant evening, in a cafe or at a party.

Alcohol isn’t like other nutrients. The body has a hard time processing large amounts of alcohol. This is the reason why alcohol remains in your blood for a long time. Each additional glass adds more alcohol to your system. With too much alcohol in your blood, you are intoxicated.

If you’ve had enough sleep and did not drink too much, the alcohol will usually disappear from your body by the next morning.

What is a hangover?

When someone drinks more than their body can handle, there is a big chance of waking up the next day with a hangover. A hangover often implies having one or more of the following symptoms: headache, feeling weak, being lethargic, nauseous, shaky and spending the day bed-bound. After a while it is over, but you’ve felt terrible and had a horrible day.

The symptoms of hangovers are partially due to the (artificial) colors, flavors, sulfites and other additives that are added to certain alcoholic beverages.

Not drinking enough water has a greater influence on the severity of a hangover. Alcohol makes your kidneys excrete more water than usual, making you urinate more often. If not compensated by drinking non-alcoholic drinks this leads to dehydration. The blood vessels in your brains become constricted, which can cause a headache.

However the biggest cause of a hangover is by far alcohol itself and the toxic wastes produced by the breakdown of alcohol. Your body can not process the main waste product in alcohol, a compound known as acetaldehyde. The vasoconstricting effect of acetaldehyde contributes to the headache. It also directly affects your stomach and intestines and makes you feel nauseous. It is furthermore responsible for lowering the sugar level in your muscles which ultimately makes you feel weak and shaky. All these symptoms together give you a general feeling of lethargy commonly referred to as a hangover.

For more advice on the proper use of alcohol you can always drop by the Hangover Information Center, Sint Annendwarsstraat 3, Amsterdam

The breakdown of alcohol and your body

Your liver is able to slowly turn alcohol into acetaldehyde. This toxic compound can damage your brain as well as your liver. The effects of acetaldehyde include headache, shakiness and nausea.

Acetaldehyde gets cleared fro your blood even more slowely than alcohol itself. Though trace of alcohol might have disappeared from your blood in the early morning, acetaldehyde remains present in your system. In order to get rid of the acetaldehyde, your body requires a specific kind of peptide (Glutathione), which is produced by the liver.

The liver always has a limited stock of these peptides available to eliminate small amounts of toxic compounds. Specific nutrients are necessary in order to produce more of these peptides.

After consumption and breakdown of a large amount of alcohol, your liver produces a large amount of acetaldehyde. Your liver is only able to quickly and efficiently process a small part of acetaldehyde. In fact, there is only enough glutathione available to quickly and completely eliminate 2 glasses of alcohol. From then on the toxic is only broken down as quickly as the liver can make the new pepides it needs for this reaction. This process takes a long time; That’s why, the next morning, the acetaldehyde has not yet been eliminated...

How do you prevent a hangover

The best way to prevent a hangover is not consuming too much alcohol. Drink in moderation. Do not drink different types of alcoholic drinks after each other. Dehydration caused by alcohol can be compensated by drinking non alcoholic beverages such as water. Drinks with up to 5% alcohol by volume such as beer are less dehydrating. Beverages with higher alcohol content such as wine and spirits cause more dehydration.

For every alcoholic beverage consumed that has a higher percentage than beer, it is advised to drink a large glass of water.

If a large amount of alcohol has been consumed at once, make sure that your body has enough nutrients available in order to produce more peptides, which it needs to quickly and effectively process the acetaldehyde during the night.

RESET after drink is a dietary supplement especially designed to provide your body with all the nutrients that it requires at that crucial moment.

What if you still have a hangover

If you haven’t done enough to prevent a hangover, it is advised not to use painkillers with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), ibuprofen or naproxen. While these products help against headaches, combined with alcohol they increase the side effects and worsen the irritation of the stomach caused by alcohol.

It is better to use paracetamol; adult intake, 2 pills of 500mg paracetamol at the same time. Be careful not to exceed this amount as an excess of acetaminophen (paracetamol) can worsen the liver damage caused by alcohol and acetaldehyde.

The next morning, carry on drinking enough water and eat a light meal with a lot of fruits. Do not drink too much coffee as it won’t help your hangover. Be sure to get enough rest.

Tips to prevent a hangover:

1. Do not drink excessively

2. Drink extra water

3. Consume sufficient nutrients for more glutathione

Alcohol and driving

Drinking and driving is illegal, harmful, and downright dangerous. There is absolutely no product that can quickly eliminate the alcohol from your body.

RESET after drink contains 1% alcohol: it does not eliminate the alcohol from your body. If you have been drinking alcohol, never drive a car, motorcycle, scooter or another kind of vehicle.

RESET after drink is only suitable for adults over 18 years.

The recommended dosage is 1 RESET after drink during or after alcohol consumption, before bedtime. Do not exceed this quantity.

Do not use RESET after drink in case of pregnancy, if you suffer from gastric or intestinal problems, renal, and/ or hepatic disorder, hypersensitivity to one or more of the ingredients and/ or if you are under 18 years old. Always read and follow the instructions on the packaging.

How does RESET work?

RESET after drink is a dietary supplement created after meticulous research by a Dutch pharmacist. It provides your body with the specific nutrients that you need after having consumed large quantities of alcohol. The ingredients used in RESET after drink enable your body to produce a larger amount of the peptides that will eliminate acetaldehyde from your system. Three large studies were conducted with approximately 600 participants in total during and after student parties organized by one of the biggest student organization in Amsterdam. RESET after drink was offered to one half of the participants, while the other half received an identicallooking placebo. The results proved that those who had used RESET after drink before bedtime reported a severe reduction in hangover symptoms the next morning compared to those who had drank the placebo. RESET after drink is not a medication. In addition to the body’s own antioxidant glutathione (the peptide necessary for acetaldehyde degradation), the active ingredients of RESET after drink are amino acids, (nutrients necessary to produce more glutathione), choline and vitamins.

The result of the test:

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